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13th July 2010 posted by Greg

Pre-order Consentual Selections (Out July 20th) here.

CD / Double black LP
Double Colored LP (limited pressing 1000)

Feat. a track by track commentary
written by the band, over 150 photos, & 2 new tracks.

Sounds good! Buy it now!

:: Teaser ::
Listen to a short sampler of the new songs here.
Save Us sounds so awesome!!! I love this Mad Caddies’ side!!!

:: Tourdates ::
West Coast Summer Warm-Up
Euro August Tour

Apparently, Todd Rosenberg (first Caddie drummer & part of the Ellwood project with Chuck, Graham & Dustin) is back on drums.
He seems to be a great dude but I f****** love Boz Rivera!!!
Love Brian Flenniken too!
Don’t know if Dustin Lanker will play the keyboards & who’s going to play the bass: Chris Badham, Graham Palmer

:: Here’s the new Live mp3 :: Great version!
Preppie Girl Live at Melkweg, Amsterdam, February 17, 2008


27th May 2010 posted by Greg

Here is the artwork and the track list (songs you’ve voted for!)
for the best of album.

Release Date: July 20, 2010
CD / 2xLP

Let’s celebrate this with a new live mp3.
Riding For A Fall Live at Melkweg, Amsterdam, February 17, 2008

And you can stream a remix of this song here:
Fatwreck’s Hanuk-Comp 2007

:: Latest MC update ::
Working in the studio on new music for the new album.
Another step closer to wrapping it up but not quite there yet.

Interview with Chuck

17th May 2010 posted by Arne

Arne: Hi Chuck, thanks for doing this interview. What can we expect from the new Mad Caddies album? As in --- without diminishing any older work (I’m a fan from the first hour)… “Keep it going” and “Just one more” for sure contained more complex and layered songs. What can we expect from the new album? As we all know.. the Mad Caddies are unpredictable in predictable way (or vice versa).

Chuck: Okay dude, just got back from the studio and lets do this thing. :) So the first question..... yeah I would agree that “Just one more” and “Keep it going” were more complex. They are my personal favorite records as well. I think the general direction of the new stuff is similar to those recordings. We are staying with our styles of reggae dixie jazz rock and ska.

Arne: There was a poll on the internet where you guys were asking fans to vote for their favorite songs in order to compile a best of album. Can you tell us a bit more about the project?

Chuck: Well, we do have a best of collection spanning almost 15 years of tunes coming out very shortly on Fat wreck. The album has 24 songs, including 2 new unreleased tracks, and will be available on CD, and double Vinyl, which I’m stoked on.

Arne: That’s awesome. I personally hope “Last Breath” and “Falling Down” will make it :). Another thing is that there’s also a complete new album in the works. Any planned release date or background info?

Chuck: We are currently in the process of recording and writing the new album and have been since last year. I just returned from a session up in San Francisco today and things went well. We are hoping to have tracking wrapped up by the end of july and shoot for a late fall or early winter release. As far as how many songs are on it only time will tell.

imageArne: From what I’ve heard.. everyone of the band has been living on a different continent for the past year. Do you think this diversification (of being away and band members doing side-projects - Keith with King City, Sasha in Jamaica, you with Ellwood, etc) is an enrichment for the band? It sure sounds it could be. Did these things influence the sound of the upcoming MC album?

Chuck: Yeah over the last few years we have at times been pretty spread out geographically speaking. We have all also been involved in a lot of side projects which I think has been very beneficial to the whole bands state of mind. Playing with other people really opens your mind to new things and helps to better understand the artistic process. Coming back to craft another Caddies record I think we are all better off to handle the task after a little break and some new inspiration.

imageArne: Talking about side-projects… Ellwood. What can we expect from that? What makes it different from MC stuff? The bar is kind of raised.. as you’re one of the main MC songwriters. Is there a release date planned? A record label?

Chuck: Yes Ellwood, I just received the master in the mail so the record is finally finished! We did all the main instrument tracks over two days last february and finished the vocals last april, but it took us until now to get it mixed and mastered. The sound is much mellower and laid back than the Caddies, but I hope most of our fans will still enjoy it. As far a label or official release, nothing yet but we will be making the album available online in a month or so as soon as we get our site running as well as playing some shows this summer around California.

Arne: Last and trivial.. can you give us some recommendations of bands or albums that you’ve been listening or that have influenced you lately?

Chuck: Ah yes I just got the new Dr. Dog album and really have been enjoying it, such a great record. Also I have been rocking to the new Flatliners disc, these canadian kids definitely came back strong with their second release, so check it out!

Arne: Looking forward to see you soon!

Chuck: Thanks Arne Hope this works and you are doing well buddy!


March 2010 update

8th March 2010 posted by Arne

Wheyy.. this website is almost 10 years old! We’re going to have some good updates really soon! And we’ll be doing a decent interview too! If there’s anything you’d like to ask/contribute, try to e-mail us @

Meanwhile, here’s some new (old) footage… filmed in 2007 at the Markthalle, Hamburg

1. Interview:

2. “Today”

Merry Christmas!

22nd December 2009 posted by Greg

:: Interview with Chuck ::
Sean Jain spoke with singer Chuck Robertson to get the latest on the Caddies’ upcoming U.S./Canada tour, their forthcoming album, and the best way to distract Serbian border-guards from finding one’s hidden stash.

:: Don’t forget to vote for the Caddies Greatest Hits CD ::
Click Here To Vote

:: Polyester Khakis - Unreleased Demo - ::
You can find it on the FAT WRECKTROSPECTIVE 88 Song Triple CD.
Buy it here.

:: Mad Caddies DVD Live in Munich - 2007 ::

State-TV eBay Shop
Trashmark eBay Shop
Trashmark Online Shop

:: New Live mp3 :: Kickass song!
Mum’s The Word Live at Melkweg, Amsterdam, February 17, 2008
Recorded by NooWaaG
Originally released on Quality Soft Core.

I’m kinda proud of my Quality Soft Core Test Press, so here’s a pic.
Mad Caddies - Quality Softcore Test Press LP

:: Why Must I Wait ::
Live from 2009 Canadian Tour - Winnipeg & Regina shows
Directed by Ryan Long of The Johnstones

:: New Slideshow ::

Photos taken by cwhitfield
@ The Aggie
Fort Collins, CO
November 21st 2009

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