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9th January 2008 posted by Arne


Pretty besaufen. Watch for the moment when the guitar guy takes it off around 02:00.

On trumpet… Keeeeeith Douglasss !

8th January 2008 posted by Greg

  • Watch Keith warming up in Backstage Tent with the Brass Section of the Ska/Punk/Pop Band Guadalajara:

  • KING CITY - “The Last Siesta” New CD
    A five-piece ragtime/tango/Latin/spaghetti western, instrumentally-based, bonifiedly warranted excuse for a good time featuring Boz Rivera (Mad Caddies - The Holiday Has Been Cancelled / Rock The Plank era, RKL), Chris Rest (Lagwagon, RKL), Joe Raposo (The Real McKenzies, RKL) with some guest trumpet tracks by Keith Douglas (Mad Caddies!).

    King City Official Website
    King City’s MySpace Page

    You can stream the songs, read an awesome review & buy the CD here :
    CD Baby - King City “The Last Siesta”

  • Wow! 10 Years! Mad Caddies performing Goleta at The Oak Canyon Ranch in Irvine, California on April 4th, 1998! feat. Carter Benson!

  • Happy New Years to all of you! + Live Song

    1st January 2008 posted by Greg

    This is a MySpace bulletin from the Mad Caddies wich sounds so good! :
    “Let’s all make 2008 bigger than ever! This will only happen with the support of all our fans! You all are the greatest! We will be touring a lot in 2008 with a whole new set list and maybe some songs that have not been played in years or ever live! Its going to be fun!

    So Have a Happy and Safe New Year! and once again Thanks to all of you who make the Caddies possible to keep it going!”


    Well, Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Frohes Neues Jahr…

    Here is my present for this new year… a hi-quality live mp3 recorded @ The Pub in Hasselt, Belgium, 18-06-07.
    I thought it was appropriate to post this song from their last album.
    Follow the link to download the song :

    Today Live @ The Pub, Hasselt, Belgium, 18-06-07


    Great Live Videos & Tabs

    27th December 2007 posted by Greg


    The Belltower / Don’t Go / Popcorn / The Belltower Medley, Live at Melkweg, Amsterdam on May 28, 2007

    No Hope Live @ Melkweg, Amsterdam on May 28, 2007

    You want more ?
    Click : NooWaag’s Videos

    Oh! Here’s a link for cool guitar & bass tabs : JiiHoo Tabs
    Horntabs ? Go there : Mad Caddies Horntabs

    Merry xmas!

    27th December 2007 posted by Arne

    Anyone sober here? Germany-based State TV did this excellent interview with the band earlier this year:

    And in addition to that, here’s a fresh interview.

    Thanks to Manuel for delivering the goods!

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