Keep It Going (2007), FatWreck

Down hearted man where do you come from
You’re troubled by the world and your situation
How can you justify what’s so clear in your eyes
The operator is gone
Through all your contemplation you still don’t understand
That the plight of your life was built by your own hands
How can you navigate the maze of your medicated haze
While the operator is gone
You’ve got the cure for your disease
Growing in your backyard
You’ve got the answers that you need right up in your

Downtrodden man how do you feel right
You only complicate it through your western made sight
How can you justify what’s so clear in your eyes
That you don’t wanna go on
Through all your contemplation you haven’t found a way
To your own salvation the start of a new day
I know you feel the pain as you walk alone and you just
wanna go home

So think of your true self, break it down
Remember there’s still hope that can be found
Hold on to the dream that once was so clear
and let go of your fear
Realize that this is one train you can’t get off
Your decency grows as your mind gets soft
Unlock the doors and let your soul back in and wake up
Wake up wake up


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