Lay Your Head Down

Amateur video:

Keep It Going (2007), FatWreck

There’s a devil outside the window
And it’s waiting for a piece of you
And you’re just so beaten down
These days there’s nothing that you can do
While as sure as the sun will shine
Again while the night just begs for more
Your purgatory waits for you
When you walk outside that door

The dead pass by on the sidewalk
Eyes hollow as they come
I cannot see a sign of life
Where they’re going or where they’re from
They seem so unaffected by these streets
That flow with pain
There’s no love or no hate and
I never want to feel the same
Lay you head down

There’s an angel next door in the bathroom
Arms open full of grace
I detect strong spirits there in my glass I’ll find the same
Where the world don’t seem so bad
No more when you’re basking in her light
For the moment we are all living
While the dead can stay outside

I’m just hooked on the feeling
Of flying on the wings of escape
These neon lights protect me while reality’s kept at bay
And the whole truth just don’t matter
When there’s angels in your eyes
I feel loved and I feel needed in a world
That’s filled with lies

Lay your head down


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