Amateur video:

Keep It Going (2007), FatWreck

Woke up this morning at the end of a bottle
I don’t know what’s really going on
My hands are shaking and my head’s reminding me
That last night I must have had some fun
Been here so many times you get used to the pain
But I don’t want to play these self-destructive games

Once again I will say
Today will be the day
Today I’m gonna change

I’m locked inside another dark day of wondering
Just how I’m gonna turn my life around
Throw me a rope something to save me
Cause I’m sailing on a ship that’s going down
So lift me off my feet and hang me out to dry
I know I’ve been around the block
But I’ll give it one more try

Today will be the day that I give it up
I just give in I let a brand new life begin

It’s getting late and I see the lion’s den
I’ll be tempted once again
Shining bright like a thousand little lights
All just begging me to come on in for one
It’s not gonna kill me


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